Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Purple flowers

Summer's end is near.  A very different summer than previous ones as COVID-19 continues.  Mask wearing, social distancing, cancelled events, stay indoors, and reduced occupancy at restaurants and places than can open.  There are things we can't do or can't go to but there are things we CAN do - like play music instruments at home, garden, go for a hike,  call or email a friend, attend a virtual class, clean house, pet a pet, watch birds, and many other things.  Duluth has had evening temperatures in the low 40s and warnings for frost are being announced in the region.  All my day trips that I would be organizing are cancelled (there is no MN State Fair, no performing theater open, Bayfield Apple Fest or Cranberry Fest in Stone Lake - no.  I had also wanted to go to a rendezvous and PowWow up near the Canadian border- no).  I'm coming up with a local trip or two though where we will caravan to the site.  Local farms.  Farmers are people much more connected to the earth and carer for plants intensely.  Fresh fruit / veggies tastes so good.  We have farmers markets but I'm ready to go TO the farm.  I have my first farm visit for Sept 13 with a limit of 7 people to attend.  More info at 

My husband and I have been taken photos.  Sometimes with just our cell phones and sometime with an actual camera or the go-pro where we did some underwater photos and fish eye photos.  He took a closeup up the purple flowers - Nightshade- in our yard.  It's a weed with beautiful purple flowers with a yellow protruding center before becoming red berries.  I looked up the species name. 

Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara)

The second word- means bittersweet.   We knew of course the dulc was sweet.  

Stay safe.  Be well.  Do what you can.  



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