Thursday, March 9, 2017

It's a tie! NEW! Sweatshirts for sale at Dulcimer Day

So great to see registrations coming in from quite a few different towns.  It's been a nice mix of returning folks and several new people.  It's a tie now between Wisconsin signups and Minnesota signups.  A couple people from Canada, too - Thunder Bay and Winnepeg!

Tshirts $16 are available for pre-order as well as hooded pullover sweatshirts  $32.  The color is still being decided upon.  A few extras may be available at Dulcimer Day but it's recommended to pre-order to have one or two ready in the size you want.   Past years have had Jean shirts and tank tops - if you'd really want one of these let me know by April 10.

Quite cold temps still but spring promises to be ahead.  Time change is coming up and we are seeing some flocks of birds.  For some reason the Gales of November were happening in March.  We've had strong winds this week.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

DDD registration is open - image of past logos

Thank you for visiting this dulcimer message and I'm pleased to announce that Dulcimer Day in Duluth is now open for registration.  You can register online or print the form and mail in a check.
Read through the website for information on the guest instructor/musicians and for workshop descriptions.
Mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, ukulele, autoharp and guitar classes will be offered.

For fun - hear is a collection of some of the past Dulcimer Day logo images.  Tshirts will available this year.   Please register in advance for meals, classes and tshirts.
It's always great to see returning folks come back year after year.  Thank you so much.
New people are very welcome.  Come be part of this fun, day of learning and traditional music!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dulcimer Day in Duluth festival 2017 -- May 6

The festival will be the 1st Saturday in May (May 6, 2017).  Come to dulcimer classes, attend concerts, eat together, buy from local vendors, and have fun.  Guest instructors/performers will be announced soon.  This day is about learning more about playing dulcimers - make some music.

If you would like to offer a class - please let me know.

I'll be finalizing the brochure and opening registration later in January.

Thanks to those who have attended over the years and I hope to see more new people - and our northern neighbors in Canada.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Dulcimers, Plenty of Holiday Books, Gift Certificates Available

A Ginger has arrived and is in DAD tuning.
A couple new hourglass mountain dulcimers are here, too - one with spruce top/walnut sides and one with a redwood top, and walnut sides.  The instruments come with padded cases and have strap buttons attached.

Shop for holiday, hymns, and folk tune books.  The mountain dulcimer tab makes it an easier way to play the tunes.  If you live in the Duluth area or are visiting in town make arrangements to stop in at the store and try out instruments.  Note - I no longer am carrying hammered dulcimers.  I only have one as a rental for someone wanting to take lessons to learn to play.

Would you like to give a gift certificate to Dulcimers In Duluth?  Send an email to

I'll be providing music at Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living place this Sunday.  I enjoy providing music and introducing dulcimers to people.  The holiday tunes are kind of fun to play and add joy and peace to this season.

Friday, November 18, 2016

New Dulcimers Coming

I've ordered more hourglass dulcimers and a Ginger dulcimer.  They will be available in early December.

Dulcimers make nice gifts  - sweet sounds to add for any day of the year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November is here - a great time for music

The new calendar page is up for the new month.  The time change is coming up.  One of the things I do is work at an elementary school as a paraprofessional.  I get to go to the specialist time that that the boys I'm with go to and music class is part of the rotation.  Today was patriotic music.  Great tunes have been with our country for hundreds of years.  Immigrants brought many of the tunes and some were written in the early days of history.  So many instruments have been invented and whether you hear a tune on a piccolo or a dulcimer it's all part of propelling a touch of history into today.  Before people could read they could hum or sing - and some played instruments. 

Maybe you'd like to give a dulcimer a try and America the Beautiful could be one of your first tunes you learn. As Election Day is around the corner you could make new words to This Land is Your Land to include how you feel about the election this year.  Playing with lyrics is yet another fun piece about making music.

My next classes will be in April through Duluth Community Ed and the 1st Saturday in May will be the 16th year for the Dulcimer Day in Duluth festival (I need to work on it soon!).   I have about 70 different dulcimer tab books - books where the songs use numbers as the notes.  Holiday favorites, hymns, folk tune  - and yes patriotic tunes.  Some books come with CDs.   I even have Dulcimer CDs to just listen to some of the great players, including Mark Gilston who won the National Championship as a mountain dulcimer player this year. 

Another fun instrument that I carry is the Limberjack.  I like to bring them along when I play at a local nursing home or at a school.  It's a percussion instrument that anyone can play and it's fun to watch the 'man' dance.  I have been playing with a skeleton "Bob" who is plastic and about 1 foot high.  He can kick high, do the splits, do somersaults, and like one of the 4th graders I work with release his arm or leg (or all 4) temporarily but keep on dancing.  

Okay - before I go - here is a WONDER question for you.  Music really enters us as we listen or even make music.  It resonates through the water in us and again becomes part of us as we listen to it.  Yesterday in a biology class I teach (college level) the topic was energy and we were getting into photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  The last part of the class was a tour of Lake Superior Brewery where yeast are the work crew and the people crew do what they can to make the crew happy.  Music was being played during our tour - a bit of soft rock from the 80s.  Can the yeast here it?  Do they like it?  Does the music or beat of the music influence their output?  Just wondering.  What do you think?   Would some Irish music jam music up the output?  Would classical music reduce their stress - do they feel stress?  Okay, I better end now. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Beginner dulcimer class this month

I'm offering a beginner mountain dulcimer class.  It will meet on two Mondays beginning Sept 26. We'll meet from 6:30-8PM at Ordean East.
Instruments provided. No music experience.
See Duluth Community Education on-line to sign up and for more of my classes.