Monday, March 19, 2012

Cool opportunities

Glad to see registrations for Dulcimer Day coming in. The festival is coming up May 5 and is filled with great opportunities to expand your folk instrument playing skills or sampling several different beginner classes. Beginner classes include tin whistle (pre-purchase an instrument for special $6 price), Sacred Harp shape note singing, autoharp, banjo, and, of course, mountain and hammered dulcimer. You'll also get to hear fantastic players perform. A brand new class is offered during the first hours for players of any instruments and it's on helping you learn more about your body position. Lucille will be sharing more info on the class. Also, you can sign up for an origami class. Todd is a very skilled origami artists and great teacher to help you make some neat 3-D paper sculptures.
Come on your own or bring a friend or spouse.

Duluth's weather is crazy warm right now. Our cats, Elmo and Kelsie, are rearing to go outside. We haven't put away our shovel quite yet.

We are back from a visit in New Zealand and stopped at a global music instrument store in Christchurch on the South Island. It always intrigues me how many different instruments there are. No, I didn't come home with a didgeridoo - only a couple little jaw harps played on your lips, not teeth. While I was gone, a foot of snow came down in Duluth. Down in the southern hemisphere it is late summer and we got to enjoy the farmer's market and saw plenty of white (grey,black) of sheep. My husband grew up in Christchurch and fortunately his parents moved a little ways out of Christchurch before any of the earthquakes started happening. It was sad to see the damaged houses and buildings. The Red Zone was still getting bigger. A big wish for solid ground for the people and for a new settled home for the displaced people, pets, and businesses.


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