Thursday, March 9, 2017

It's a tie! NEW! Sweatshirts for sale at Dulcimer Day

So great to see registrations coming in from quite a few different towns.  It's been a nice mix of returning folks and several new people.  It's a tie now between Wisconsin signups and Minnesota signups.  A couple people from Canada, too - Thunder Bay and Winnepeg!

Tshirts $16 are available for pre-order as well as hooded pullover sweatshirts  $32.  The color is still being decided upon.  A few extras may be available at Dulcimer Day but it's recommended to pre-order to have one or two ready in the size you want.   Past years have had Jean shirts and tank tops - if you'd really want one of these let me know by April 10.

Quite cold temps still but spring promises to be ahead.  Time change is coming up and we are seeing some flocks of birds.  For some reason the Gales of November were happening in March.  We've had strong winds this week.

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