Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday music

I recently went to a concert at the College of St. Scholastica that had a bunch of parts to the performance - drummers, steel drums, singers, and a youth performance.  It's great to hear live music and hear melodies and rhythms via voices and instruments.  In November I also visited the Swedish Cultural choir in Duluth practicing of the Santa Lucia event in December.  I enjoyed their music and a piano and violin player accompanied the singers.  Last night we went to a Norwegian concert where there was a 5 piece band. The main singer sang songs from Norway and some he wrote.  He sang some of the common holiday melodies here but in Norwegian.  Scenic slides were shown with the Northern Lights and the beauty of Norway and where the group lives the sun sets November 21 and doesn't come up again until January 21.  That would be strange.  In early December I'll be doing to the Italian Club and the men's singing group will perform.   Music is cultural, music is history, music uplifts and soothes.  Music is funny.  Music is a joy.  Music is something for everyone.

I'm looking forward to digging into learning some Scandinavian melodies on the dulcimers and to strum and hammer holiday favorites.  A few weeks ago I got to play for a private event at the Great Lakes Aquarium with the lights of Bentleyville in the background. 

I'll end with some favorite lines from some favorite holiday songs that I think just might apply to dulcimers:

Oh what fun it is to.....

....shouted out with glee....

All is calm, all is bright....

.....comfort and joy


Dulcimers make great gifts.  I also have plenty of instruction books in stock and CDs.

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