Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I'm back in Minnesota as spring slowly arrives.  We still have plenty of snow meaning plenty of wetness to come.  I traveled to my husband's home area in New Zealand a few weeks ago and brought along my smaller size dulcimer.  It has bat sound holes - probably the only one with bat shaped sound holes.  I played at several places while being over in the ChristChurch area.  My husband's cousin works at a rest home/care/hospital and I played there and in the rural town area where his dad lives.  The dulcimer fit in my suitcase and made it safely.

Last night I taught part 1 of a beginner dulcimer class through the Community Ed.  Good to see more people wanting to learn.  Several people had dulcimers already that they purchased somewhere along the way and this was their opportunity to learn how to play it.

I have a local art and gift fair this Saturday.  I am still organizing fairs.  I'll bring along a dulcimer to play a bit.   If you're in the area and want to shop local head to the Peace Church between 10AM-3PM.  The fair is Treasures of the Earth and all the things are made from natural materials or recycled materials.  Wood-turned bowls, stone jewelry, painted stones, feather pens, soap and much more.  It's the 11th year for the fair.

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