Monday, September 17, 2018

Opportunities to share music

I have rarely played at open mics but last night I did a short set at the Amazing Grace coffee house in Duluth.  I was on for the 2nd to last spot of the night - after most people had left.  It is a bit scary to do open mic.  I am not a singer or guitar player - the rest of the evening's open mic folks were.  Anyways, I like to share music so there I went.  The lighting was a bit of challenge and yes my hammers shook a bit more - but they didn't drop.  I love Celtic music, old-time and good ole' folk tunes.  Maybe I'll write songs some day.   The moderator did invite me back to play at brunches there and that sounded like fun to do background music. 

This month I've also played at a senior assisted living place.  I was there about 6 months ago during a snow storm - even the schools were closed but I came and played music.  I bring along the limberjack, shakers, and wooden spoons for people to join in on the last few tunes.  One person asked about what the strings on the hammered dulcimer were originally in it's early days.  I don't know.  Do you? 

Another place I played this month was volunteering at a Memory Cafe.  It's where people with dementia and their caregivers gather monthly for a bit of fun.  I played a bunch of tunes on the hammered dulcimer.  I wish I would have prepared some 'quiz' questions about songs or completing lines in popular tunes.  Maybe next time.  I also was able to share my other projects I've done in the community: producing local history videos, the Look at Lakeside newsletter, and the day trips to arts, music, history and nature places.  It was a nice group of people.  Sadly, it was 9/11 so we did spend some time in silence.

I'll be playing at a rosemaling festival this Saturday.  I tried to learn some Scandinavian tunes but didn't get as far as I hoped.   I look forward to roaming around the fest after I'm done.  I love folk craft. 
I have 3 local art and gift fairs that I'm organizing this fall.  There really haven't been many folk craft people but there is a good assortment of people attending the fairs. The fairs are about filled but there are a few more spots.  I always do some shopping at the fairs and like to chat with the returning and new artisans. 

Time to head for bed.  I do a nightly suduko as a day's end activity.  Nights are cooling off but the open window still works out well for fresh air.  Maybe we will get to camp one more time this fall. It's hard to find 2 days in a row let alone one day/night free to go.

I'm contemplating getting a harmonium.  Still thinking about it. 

Good night.

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