Monday, December 6, 2021

Happy Holidays - make the most of the rest of 2021

 Our lives have changed. Travel isn't the same.  Wearing masks still and at all is something that we wouldn't have thought about 2 years ago.  But, here we are.  People can sing and do virtual programs or sing at a distance. Musical instrument playing is fair game - especially strumming. So - strum away on the mountain dulcimer, hammered away on the hammered dulcimer.  Did you happen to write a song during this covid time?  

Here is a short poem: 

It goes through solid walls and open windows. 
Along valleys and streams
Through forests, through cities
Continuing on its way.  

It travels up mountains
It travels on oceans
It is carried by the wind
And heard in schools.

A church, a community center, or a home
Holiday time, morning or night
So many kinds of instruments built over time and places
Are each a way to carry a tune or rhythm. 

Music  - its music.  One note, one instrument.
Multiple instruments, multiple notes go forth
Carry on traditions, passing sound to enjoy
Soft sounds, louder sounds and pauses in between. 

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