Saturday, January 1, 2022

Strings are so much fun

 Strings Are Fun 

I've been providing music and interactive programs in memory care at a local senior place for the last couple months. Music is a part of us.  Whether rhythms where we are tapping our hands on a table or our lap or humming that we shoot for a real tune or a bit of improvisation.   I've loved mountain dulcimer since I was introduced to them over 40 years because of their sound and simplicity in playing. I'm thankful for people of the past who have written tunes that we still play today - centuries later in some cases.  

I bought a used banjo last week and have plucked out a bunch of the main holiday music tunes and several easier folk tunes.  I've always enjoyed Celtic music but also bluegrass music. I'm taking a 3 session workshop with the Center for Irish Music in Minneapolis (virtual class) that will explore jigs and reels as dance steps.  Equating music to a feel brings a deeper connection to music.  Dance steps are a way to use the body to emphasize the beats. I'm looking forward to the class.  

Also, speaking of strings - I've been crochet quite a bit recently. I learned to crochet this summer. My grandma crochets 100s of blankets. I still sleep with one of them and it's held up well. I've been crochet scarfs - some for cats - and some for humans. I've also experiment with stuffed projects and this week made a stuffed tree (easier to hug a tree) pillow, coffee cup, and an owl.  I'm going to attempt a mountain dulcimer after I'm more familiar with forming shapes.  There are more animals I also would like to create.  

We've also been out skiing and snowshoeing.  Duluth has snow!  Even in the below 0 temperatures we went snowshoeing and worked up a sweat.  I treasure the beauty of winter. Blue skies are scenic and make the snow sparkle/glisten but so are the grey skies with flakes floating down. It's magical.  I'm amazed at watching birds or seeing the tracks in the snow and how wildlife goes about its business throughout this season.   

 Our cat Elmo on artificial snow... really he hangs out on the radiator or in front of the fire.
He likes wintertime. 
Here's a video of Elmo I made this summer.   (Note: he had to have an eye removed Jan 2021 due to a tumor next to his eye). 

Playing music instruments, listening to music, reading, writing, crocheting/knitting, telling stories and perhaps some netflix time (love the baking shows) are all things I'm looking forward to over the next couple months when I'm indoors.  What do you look forward to doing this season? 

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