Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growth Spurt

This surge of life in spring is pretty incredible. I love how things are popping out all over - well, maybe not the ticks. It's still not quite garden growing time but it's nice enough to clean up the perennials and see what's coming up. The bird singing is wonderful and a neighborhood woodpecker drums away at the top of a nearby telephone pole creating an amplified rhythm.
The Dulcimer Day in Duluth festival is 10 days away. Most of the attendees are people who have come previous - some every - year but there are at least 20 new people coming. My intent with the fest is to grow the dulcimer family and for people to grow their skills. The theme this year of The Spirit of Music is that we can acknowledge the role that music (listening and playing) has in our inner side. Nature is one of my best friends and so is music. I also have an interest in traditional ways and more simple living. I also thing connections are important every day. I connect to nature and music. Biophilia is a word that biologist, E.O. Wilson, bring up. We love life and have a tendency to become emotionally attached to life/living things. I think I'll introduce "dulcimerphilia." Once we spend time with the dulcimer, possibly share it with other, we establish a better connection.
I hope there will be a good turnout for the concerts at Dulcimer Day. The daytime one is shorter but then there are local crafters to shop at before and after. The evening concert is a longer concert where you get to learn more about the performers and hear some more 'mighty fine' music. Hurray for spring. Hurrah for Dulcimer Day. Hope to see you there.

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