Thursday, August 25, 2011

Music as Color

In the Northland here, leaves of some shrubs and leaves are already starting to change. We'll will get the red, oranges and lots of yellow over the next month. Now there also are the Black-eye Susans, liatris, goldenrod and a whole lot of white baby breath out my window - and even some more orange squash blossoms. To connect the flower colors to music - have you ever through of music as colors. Different notes, some "blended" notes, intensity (sound vs color) and even the feature of being temporary or even changing. If you pluck a string on the dulcimer you will first hear the main note of the string but then other notes will come in as waves vibrate. Your electronic tuners picks up the changing or incoming notes with the different waves that are produces as the sound changes - all with that same single plucked string. What's neat about color is that it has other colors inside it too - except for the primarily colors.
In some science classes techniques are done to separate DNA or do Chromatography (spectrochromatography) and people can analyze what molecules or components are in a substance. Colors and sounds have more inside.

As for a basic tip - make sure you look at your electronic tuners right after or even as you pluck the string - if you wait you may be accessing a different note from the new waves that form. As for enjoying the fall colors - it's neat that the colors were there all along and it wasn't until the green chlorophyll starts to break down that you see these other beautiful colors. Green is beautiful and nature has a bunch of shades of green and it can go on to be mixed with other colors to form new colors - or like in the case of leaves - has other colors inside that are seen when the green pigment is gone. Music or even one note is beautiful and can go on to form new sounds when mixed with other notes. Happy color exploring and music playing. Keep on exploring and experimenting.

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