Saturday, May 7, 2016

More music - dulcimers and more

Sam, one of the instructor/performers this year was recently interviewed on a folk music program.  Here is the link to it.

Dulcimer Day over the years has had assorted other instruments and activities from autoharp. ukulele, bowed psaltery, guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, clogging, singing - this year the 'other' instruments are the tin whistle and "pocket instruments."   Pat and Claudia Hogan will lead the tin whistle class first session and will play for a bit and both concerts.  One year students made whistles out of PVC piping.  If you need a tin whistle (key of D) there will be some for sale in the vendor area.

The making it class this year is to Make a Limberjack.  It's a good-size wood one that will be fun to play.  There are 3 more kits available at $15 each so if you want to take that 4th session class go ahead.

Does your spouse want to come to Dulcimer Day but doesn't want to take classes?  The vendor area will be the place to hang out.  Chat with local vendors who make soap, woodcut prints, jewelry, artwork, and weave.  There also will be snacks all day.
A person can take an individual class for $15.  The classes are one hour long.  Just ask the person at the front or come to the vendor area where the performer CDs and books are being sold.

I'm ordering a cake as its the 15th year for the festival.

Thank you for people coming for the first time and to those returning year after year.

I'm looking forward to the gathering and the people coming together carrying on dulcimer playing - both kinds - and sharing music.


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