Friday, April 27, 2018

May Day - May Specials

Hello Dulcimer players,
It's about a week away from what would have been Dulcimer Day.  Every spring for 16 years I was in full mode to put on the festival.  This year as I mentioned already the festival is not happening.  Maybe I would find a grant for support or find another way, such as a dulcimer retreat, but in the format the costs were higher than what came in.

What have I been doing instead - I did go to Nepal for about a month and taught English plus did cultural touring, attending folk music performances, and met a variety of local people and people from around the world. I enjoyed so many experiences.  It was my first time to Asia.  I went on my own and volunteered with VSN- volunteer society Nepal.  I am on one of their videos - search for Wendy volunteer Nepal society.    I only heard about 15 minutes of American English the whole time I was away.  Space was limited but I wish I could have brought a dulcimer along.  I did bring back a sarangi - violin.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to play it but it looks cool with all the woodcarving on its back side.  I also visited my Dad in Phoenix for a week.  It was 100 degrees one day. We didn't go again to the big Music Instrument Museum there as we went years before right after it opened but we did a bunch of other fun things from taking a painting class, hiking, seeing wild horses, going to a bird riparian habitat area, walking through an arboretum, biking, and taking some Qi Gong classes.

Spring has finally arrived in Duluth and we had a few delightful warm days.  I know the Twin Cities area and parts of Wisconsin folks had quite a late snow storm.  We still have snow in our yard but not much. I did happen to slip on ice on a hike last weekend and have a badly bruised thumb and palm/heel of my hand.  It's been blue/purple and now it's more green/yellow and still hurts and it's on my left hand (I'm a lefty). 
I had a guest over today who plays many instruments with his main current one being button accordions.  We played old-time tunes, waltzes and Swedish tunes.  There are always more tunes to learn.  Duluth - right in Lakeside near where I live - is a midsommer festival held at a local church.  Folk music goes hand and hand with so many cultures.  In Nepal I heard many drums and listened to a harmonium player.  On May 6 I'll be going with guests through my newer project (3rd year though) and we are going May 6 to the Festival of Nations down in St. Paul.  I went to it years ago.  We will hear a lot of music combined with folk traditional dances from many countries.  I enjoy providing positive experiences for people through cultural activities.  The Up North Excursion day trips are another way I'm seeking to provide opportunities.  I have 5 spring day trips and will have 4 or so in the fall.   Even if you're not from Duluth and are from northern WI or the Iron Range you can attend these.  Check out the list. 

I plan to add more dulcimer activity this summer and would love to play a couple times a month at a local coffee shop or as background music for events.  I know I'll spend time with my dulcimers - both mountain and hammered dulcimer.  They have been a part of my life for over 40 years. 
Enjoy playing your dulcimer.  If you are interested in lessons, send me an email. 
Again - I thank all the Dulcimer Day in Duluth participants over the years.  We changed locations 3 times and had our very filled day together with workshops, performances by some of the best players in the nation (world?), food, open mike and local shopping. 
My store is still in my living room with most of it tucked away more. 
I'll have a sale starting soon on books and CDs.  I have plenty! 

Enjoy the wonders of spring - new buds, first birds, first flowers, wet earth, warmth, sunshine, light rain, butterfly watching - and somewhere in there - music.

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