Monday, July 9, 2018

Hot Summer

Duluth - normally cool with Lake Superior - has had some pretty hot days.  We've also had humidity and some rain (plus thunder and lightning).  We'll see how long the heat wave lasts.  Whether it's hot or cold it's a good time to bring out a dulcimer.  I've played the hammered dulcimer more than the mountain dulcimer recently but love to play both.  This summer I want to add more Scandinavian music tunes.  Duluth is not very diverse as far as people go and there are mostly Scandinavians in the area which brings out lefse and lutefisk.  I had never heard of either of those food items back in Illinois.  I have tried the lefse but I've passed on the lutefisk.  The Italian half of me still heads toward pasta and pizza.  Back to music,  Celtic music is wonderful on dulcimers as wells as good ol' time music.  I'll let you know what tunes I've added this summer.  I'll be playing at a Rosemaling fair in September so have a deadline goal to finally add some new tunes. 
Hope you are having a fun summer  - and including music this season.  I'm ready for cooler weather and to head out camping a few times.  I've already announced the 3 fall fairs I'm organizing so people are signing up for December events  - a time when Duluth is not as green and when the ice cream trunk doesn't head down our street playing it's jingle Camptown Races.

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