Thursday, October 13, 2011

Write a Parody

What is fun about both dulcimers is you can play a simple melody you know and then change the words. Last month I wrote a song called Eat Wise to 'roughly' the melody of Shortening Bread. Here it is in case you want to give it a try.

Eat Wise
by Wendy Grethen 9/2011
(tune Shortnin' Bread)

Working out is kind of fun
Drink more water is #1
What we are is what we eat
We need to keep an eye on our calories.

1. One day I stepped up on the scale.
I was so saddened; I let out a wail
The number was high - how can it be?
I'd eaten too much food- woe is me.
I couldn't get my jeans up over my knees
My belly and thighs were a sight to see.
My arms would jiggle - almost touch the ground.
Time to reduce and take off pounds.

2. When I learned my BMI
I bent over and I cried.
I'm obese, like one in 4
As the years went by, I weighed more.
So I dusted off my Nordic Track
Lift some weights n' stretch like a cat,
I hit the Lakewalk with my tennis shoes.
I keep moving, no excuse.

3. I wrote a goal down on a sheet.
And I record my weight each week.
The chart jiggled up and wiggled down
Looked like an E K G gone wrong.
I couldn't despair, had to stay strong.
I had to figure out what I was doing wrong.
I lessened fats and upped my fiber.
Now I'm feeling so much finer.

4. I plan my meals one week at a time
Try new recipes that I find.
Two main items that really helped me
Were protein shakes and cottage cheese.
I now have good habits in place.
Eating down foods won't be a race.
When the holidays come this year
I won't be adding to my rear.
5. I know temptations are ev'rywhere
But my health is what I care
I love to see inches disappear
I'll be patient and have no fear.
A final thing I'd like to say
We ALL can do it - day by day.
We come in many shapes and sizes
What can you do to EAT WISE?

I played it at a variety show at a local hospital. Pounds sneak up on many of us and they aren't easy to take off - but it can be fun to take them off - finding a variety of way to work out, trying new recipes, but there is the being patient part, too.

The cats are too happy today. It's a wet day. The colored and browning leaves are falling to the ground making a tapestry on the ground. I have another one of the local art fairs that I organize this weekend. I call it GET TO THE POINT. Duluth has a skinny stretch of land - mostly sand - and I rent the community center building for a local art & gift fair. People can walk out on the beach after the fair. There is a nice variety of artists coming to the fair.

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